Web Application Penetration Testing

Web applications play a vital role in business success and are an attractive target for cyber-criminals. Web application testing, especially for custom-developed, rich applications, requires significant testing due to the large number of potential vulnerabilities. Web application frameworks, application programming interfaces (APIs), poor coding techniques, logic flaws and other mechanisms can all provide an attacker enough information or ability to compromise a system.

C-Sentinel’s certified web application pen testing team is highly experienced at performing web application security testing and website security testing and can assist your organization in identifying and fixing a wide range of risks. Our service can be commissioned to assess both proprietary web applications as well as 3rd party vendor apps.



    The first step is to connect C-Sentinel’s experts with the appropriate people in the organization o define the exact web applications to be tested, as well as an appropriate testing strategy.


    Our team of experts utilize the latest techniques and tools to identify any security and other relevant information about the websites and applications that need to be targeted.


    Using a set of automated tools, proprietary techniques and tons of experience, our team sets to work and identifies security weaknesses, as well as a course of action to exploit them.


    We exploit all identified vulnerabilities in order to obtain access to your network. But we do it in a safe, controlled methodology that does not damage or disrupt the network or the organization’s work.


    Once testing is completed, our team of experts analyze the results, document any relevant findings and devise a detailed, prioritized action plan to remedy the vulnerabilities and prevent further exposure.