Our mission is straight to the point. You come with a problem. We bring the solution. Together, we implement it, while constantly monitoring the process.

We advise top-level decision-makers on a wide-range of issues and aspects, both in the private and public sector. Our expertise covers numerous fields including – but not limited to – political campaigns, geopolitics, homeland security and mastering of the online realm.

The diversity of the international and multidisciplinary backgrounds of our experts allows us to quickly form specific dedicated strategy teams, immediately deployable on projects’ fields, anywhere on the globe. Consequently, we have a proven track record in dozens of countries worldwide.

Combined with unique intelligence and influence capabilities, such expertise enables us to imagine and implement creative solutions for the most complex problems. It gives us an unmatched capacity to forge the best possible tailor-made strategies, adapted to local contexts, mindsets and cultures.
It also allows us to tackle immediate issues, such as crisis management and communication aspect advices. We know how to quickly adapt to fast-evolving contexts and to face complexity, while always ensuring our primary strategic goal remains achievable.

Lastly, we also bring our Israeli ‘touch’ to reveal your full potential. If you haven’t heard of it yet, it is a mix of ambition and efficiency-oriented working mindset with a hint of straightforwardness.