Influencing Public Perception is a powerful force in various spheres ranging from politics and social activism to consumer spending. Whether it is exerted directly or indirectly, influence participates forging the opinion of individuals or specific audiences (targeted or not). Sometimes, influence can induce people to reconsider an earlier thinking and even lead to a change of behavior desired by the influencer. Influence is power. It can be retained for the greater good or destruction. Today more than ever.

“Globalization” was the tag-word of the beginning of this century. “Influence” is surely complementary.
The recent digital and social media boom of the open-source era operated a revolution in the influence sphere. Social media has become a main medium of influence and a game changer. It has widened the field of influence possibilities, distribution, and liability. It allows a greater outreach than classical influence models while being a cost-effective approach with limited liability. Similarly, the apparition of social media influencers has enabled a real ‘force multiplier effect’. Today, 74% of people are said to trust social networks to guide purchasing decisions. Social media platforms have also revolutionized politics. They increased political views’ interaction and citizens’ engagement. The content – whether true or false – has the potential to set political agendas and can affect greatly both public opinions, political decisions, social views and tendences.

At Percepto International, we understand how powerful influence can be when mastered or in the hands of malevolent forces. We master the design and execution of influence campaigns capable of tilting public perception. We are a strategic capability in the ongoing war between powers of influence.

Our team has world-class extensive expertise, knowledge, understanding and capabilities. Percepto International is formed by leading experts in strategic consultancy, geopolitics, cyber-influence management, political campaigns, public perception, advertising, marketing and social media, with accumulated decades of experience and successful projects in dozens of countries world-wide. We are not witnesses in the world of influence. We participate first-hand in the exponential influence (r)evolution. We are players, not commentators.

Our expertise relies on a combination of ‘traditional’ and ‘modern’ influence strategies’ understanding with advanced technological capabilities. We introduce these means for the commercial and public perception arena, while assisting clients in entering the new world of cyber-public-opinion-influence as a unique cost-effective replacement to classic “reach” models of advertising and campaigning.

Our “influence” capacity comprises the designing of a comprehensive influence-based strategy aimed at successfully reaching your public perception and campaign goals, in an operational approach.

We strive at being masters of influence rather than the ongoing victims of it.