Whether you are a private or public sector entity, your data is a critical asset. It has also become more vulnerable than ever before. Consequently, any digital breach can induce dramatic irreversible damages, as well as operational, monetary and reputation costs. These past years, cyber-attacks have proliferated. Small and big businesses, governments, NGOs – all are targets. No later than in December 2020, hackers accessed data on the Pfizer/BioTech COVID-19 vaccine in a cyberattack targeting the European Medicines Agency.

A strong cyber-strategy is imperative to protect your IT environment and assets – including your devices, networks, infrastructures and sensitive data and redundancy – from malicious attacks to extortion attempts. Only a solid cyber-security approach can keep your data – and thus your organization – protected.

Percepto International, we provide unmatched cybersecurity expertise, tailor-made strategies and successful solutions acquired at the C4i and Cyber Defense Unit of the IDF. Our multi-faceted cyber approach aims at helping our client to access, explore and master the cyber-space dimensions, as skillfully as in the real world. Our cyber-related service covers all areas of cyberspace, including cybersecurity and forensic cyber. It offers preemptive and defensive methods and practices. Our goal is to give you the capacity to identify, prevent and manage current and future cyberrisks. To this end, we offer a personalized ongoing consultancy regarding the evaluation, planning and successful implementation of your cyber-resilience architecture.

Last, do you remember when we said cyberspace offered plenty of opportunities? You would be surprised to discover such an extensive new field of possibilities. As for us, we would be honored to lead the way!